Saturday, January 1, 2011

I dream eclectic (projects)

In order from most-done to least, here are the projects roiling around my imagination (and my word processor):

WIP #1 - YA fantasy(ish)
(in the middle of draft two overhaul)
Unflappable seventeen-year old Temerity West finds herself suddenly flapped when – smack in the middle of the fight for valedictorian – she discovers that not only is there a ridiculous legacy from a magical parallel world she is expected to deal with, but also that a string of mystically amped-up assassins has been sent after her by this new world's Outlaw Most Wanted. Determined to beat fate for control of her life, and accompanied along the way by her incorrigible best friend, a mysterious shape-shifting coyote, and an infuriatingly charming golden boy, Temerity sets off on a mission to figure out just who she is supposed to be, and why Kit Hickock so desperately wants her dead.

WIP #2 - MG adventure/interactive
KidCalledIt: @enniwhat @jennydjeni The Agency is not what they seem – pls help
[back-burnered until Brother has time to collaborate]

WIP #3 - MG literary fantasy
(this is my current pet, going gangbusters in the background of everything else)
Zinc's father has been taken by a Nightmare, the only cure for which is a thing that no one has ever seen: a Dream. Armed with a handful of secrets, a pile of truths, and a family talent for lies, Zinc sets off on a Dream quest, determined to be the first person in history to make it back alive. He is joined by an obnoxious circus girl and her goat. Hijinks ensue. 

WIP #4 - YA contemporary
As per my David Wax Museum video post, "a very promising, rollicking, heart-string-tugging contemporarybildungsroman, with a cheeky narrator and an achingly dear best friend." The achingly dear best friend has a square face; the cheeky narrator has an aversion to her own first name. I'm really excited about the whole business.

WIP in theory only - What Woe from Wit - YA contemporary
In this modern retelling of an 18th century Russian farce, class smart alec and wag, Chad F. returns for his senior year after a junior year spent traveling the world. Expecting his neighbor and childhood sweetheart, Sophie Noble, to be waiting for him, he shows up at her father's restaurant, flowers (metaphorically) in hand. 
But Noble's is not the respectable, quiet place he left it: Sophie's father lost a star over the summer and has become obsessed with regaining his former glory, resorting even to throwing a ridiculous sweet sixteen for his daughter, as well as setting her up with the school's QB (and son of local moneybags), Jack Thrasher. Not only that, but Sophie has been up to her own tricks, dating the chef's churlish son behind her father's back, and using the put-upon head waitress, Lise, to cover for her. 
Chad F., always too smart for his own good, can't keep his mouth shut, and by the time the birthday bash rolls around, he is poised in the cross-hairs of a wit-induced fiasco. Will he be able to parley his way back into Sophie's heart, or will his mouth take him as far as the funny-farm Sophie claims he escaped from?

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