Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Original of Alexis

…obscure Nabokov references;
…well-constructed sentences;
…making and forgetting pots of tea;
…being immersed in foreign languages;
…being immersed in English;
…papering spaces with post-its;
…contemplating maps, both literal and figurative, spatial and temporal;
…driving, driving, driving against a horizon, with a fantastic audiobook as diegetic soundtrack.

…lists, actually.

I'm a wanderer, me – an escaping academic too in love with travel to settle, too much of a homebody not to. I loved words as a child, so I studied language; I loved languages to the point of bursting, so clung more firmly to English. I now write and write and write, in English, with Russian and French as pets in the corner. I'm finishing my MA in Russian and Eastern European Studies in June, finishing my second manuscript (and second draft of the first) simultaneously. Someday I will be published. Someday I will return to France to bake pastries on a farm. I'm not sure I know which I want to come first.

I have a library problem.

I really love apricots.

I'm a crazy-lucid dreamer.

Nice to meet you.

Find me at alexis(dot)gunderson(at)gmail(dot)com.


  1. likes: sleeping, napping, pizza, writing, editing, post-it notes, checking off items on my to do list, sunshine.

    dislikes: pineapple, people reading over my shoulder, procrastinating, change.

    it's nice to meet you!

  2. The worst part of traveling is the coming home.

    I once told my family I was going to go off and pick strawberries in the south of France. I have yet to make that happen.


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