Monday, July 11, 2011

Edible Snitch is Zeitgeist

Continuing my theme of too-busy-to-write-thoughtfully, there is now THIS:

I mean, Harry goes and pretty much EATS his first ever snitch, so really, why not?

I feel like I've been off the baking wagon too long, not to have considered this possibility myself. Now if only my book-loving family member whose birthday is today was ALSO an HP fan. Alas, I'll have to come up with something more appropriate to Norse eddas. 

Because, I mean...



Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kinetic Thursdays: Russian, so English

I have been MIA like whoa for almost a month, most of which has been time spent:

a) revising my thesis and/or abstract
b) graduating
c) nitpicking my thesis and/or abstract
d) packing my entire life for storage
e) nitpicking my thesis and/or abstract
f) schlepping my life into storage
g) watching maybe all of Supernatural in one extended marathon (which, as an aside, is maybe the worst show to watch concurrent to putting one's life into storage and transitioning to an existence without a fixed address and no concrete plans for the future... I mean, infinite road trip freelancing and drinking beer? I WANT THAT, and this show is making it look far too valid)
h) moving out of Eugene
i) working on a freelance Russian translation of a 1916 opera singer's travel journal
j) helping my dad finish packing my parents' life from the Wyoming house to move to Maryland
l)...still helping in the Wyoming house. Apparently we had hardwood floors all these years AND NEVER KNEW
m) more Russian translation

So, yeah. Writing and critting and blogging have all taken a back seat. But since I am immersed in Russian (and misogyny! the old philanderer...) today, I thought I'd swing my return to kinetic typography the other way and put up this lovely series from OpenUniversity, THE HISTORY OF ENGLISH IN TEN MINUTES:

I found this originally on bookshelves of doom, and it was the kickstart I needed to get back on this blog before gathering dust choked all vitality away. It's a little different from the other pieces I've posted, in that the narration is elucidated by related pictures and dates, and not just reproduced word for word, but it is just as effective.

Anyway, give me another week, and I'll have a childhood home and a Russian journal finally behind me (and, one would hope, any further revisions the dang thesis editor might demand), and I'll be back in the YA heap – writing, reading, blogging, you'll have it all AND MORE.

Did I mention the no fixed address, no concrete job plans part?

Because yeah.

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