Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankful Kinetic Thursday, and an RTW…Late

I know I abandoned the scary stuff reviews; I've all but abandoned the blog. But, as yesterday was Thanksgiving (so, obviously, Thursday), and as the most recent Road Trip Wednesday over at YAHighway was about what we're thankful for as writers, I thought I'd drop two birds with this little ditty:
Ira Glass on Storytelling & Creativity

It's also floating around tumblr in still form:

I am—I hope—just reaching the end of this phase. Because, between you and me, and in the most humble way possible, I have fantastic taste. I mean, I really get stuff. But getting this first manuscript where I want it to be is taking more than awhile. And while I love it, I am also sick. to. death. of it. I am so ready for the Next Big Idea (it's there; it's waiting; it's great). But I want this book to make it through the early phase. 

So I am thankful to Ira Glass for his essay, and I am thankful to the good creatives of the internet for making such nice visual representations of it.

There, that's it. I'll be around.

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