Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's very distracting

Trying to finish a six-page list of required texts for a comprehensive Russian lit exam for my MA, at the same time as coming up with a good presentation for "Nevsky Prospekt" for one of my classes, at the same time as trying to craft a perfectly compelling query for my YA manuscript, at the same time as realizing I need to grossly revise said manuscript, at the same time as coming up with short fiction ideas by the handful, that is.

To combat one of those issues, I created a books blog.  A Russian books blog, a blog about Russian books and Russian authors and Russian poems and obsessive memorialists.  And I called it Woe from Lit, and managed to write two posts in as many months.  And realized that I am in trouble with this whole exam prep business.

So, I started another blog.  OF COURSE I DID.

This is for writing – for the micro-fiction I write on my phone, or the character sketches that have no place in an actual narrative, or the poetry… no, wait.  Probably won't be any of that.  But short stories, and chapter stories, and ghost and sci-fi and bildungsroman stories.  Those will all be fair game.

And I'm calling it Lit from Woe.

Of course I am.

This is a great plan.

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