Sunday, May 1, 2011

Accidental poetry

I pulled this quotation from an article I am using for my thesis, and it was extracted in a narrow newspaper article format in such a way that it looks like poetry. And it's about literature! So, in honor of the Poetry Month I didn't celebrate, here you go:

(Mongrel Canons)

When the Canon is 
valued for its western-ness, its purity, we 
wall out other great traditions. This, despite the fact that Achebe or Gabriel García 
Márquez or Toni Morrison or Wole Soyinka or Bei Dao have all folded seamlessly 
into their zealous absorption of European 
and American classics (whether Cervantes, 
Faulkner or whomever) legends from the 
ancestors, oral traditions from indigenous 
predecessors, creation myths, local and 
vernacular literatures, and folk beliefs. In 
short, blind spots appear that are resolved 
only by a global examination of creativity.

Our newest family member, Remi, who is a mongrel if there ever was one. And no, the camera didn't do anything to her eyes. They really are that spooky.


  1. Found poetry at its finest! :) Well spotted!

  2. Remi is gorgeous! I love her eyes. How old is she?

  3. Carrie: 1-2ish, probably. Rescue dog, as we do. Once my parents get out of the muck of their Big Move, they're going to do a DNA test. I'm pretty sure she's part dragon. And part Cirque acrobat in dog costume. And maybe part Tramp.


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