Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Best Week: Not the Books, but the Readers

My Best Week number TWO!

What do you know—it's about books. I'm liking this trend.

So LAST last week there was a glut of fantastic YA book events in DC, starting with Libba Bray's Politics and Prose event for the release of THE DIVINERS
…and continuing through the weekend's National Book Festival on the mall with JOHN GREEN and LOIS LOWRY and MAGGIE STIEFVATER (and a dozen others).

I don't bring my camera to these things; I apologize.

But really, pictures aren't the point! The point is, I had the opportunity to listen to intelligent, witty authors whose work I admire, in the company of intelligent, witty FYA@DC book club friends (and on Sunday, a long-abroad, just-moved-to-DC, dear teen-hood friend).

Not to mention, I got to see Nerdfighteria nuclear-grade meltdowns at the mere APPEARANCE of John Green*. Not since I saw BSB in their hey-day have I seen so many teen-girl-tears—although this time the tears weren't, thank goodness, mine.

[nostalgia for sale here, if you were so inclined]
Despite John Green's nerdstar status, however, the highlight of my NBF experience has to be watching this pattern unfold in the teen tent on Saturday, in the questions&comments period following each author's talk:
Commenter 1 (to Walter Dean Myers, Library of Congress Children's Literature Ambassador, author of 105 published novels, beloved by many generations): I just loved [insert book title here], and how you wrote the characters, and how…and how… [breaks down into tears]…and I just wanted to thank you, and…
WDM: [serious, gracious, patient] Thank you. 
 Commenter 2 (to Lois Lowry, author of the award winning hard-hitters THE GIVER and NUMBER THE STARS, venerable and beloved by many, etc. etc.): The experience of reading your books, and the heart you put into them, and…[voice breaks with emotion]…I just wanted to thank you so much
LL: [serious, gracious, patient] Thank you.
Commenter 3 (to Maggie Stiefvater, current YA star and author of many beloved books, including the very moving Printz honor winner, THE SCORPIO RACES): I…[pause]…
Maggie: [incredulous] Are you CRYING?!?**
Maggie Stiefvater, ladies and gentlemen. Classic.

Annnnd then we all went for pizza. FYA girls, not Maggie (we wish).

And there's My Best Week, numero dos! See you allllll later.

* srsly: check out the NBF Tumblr tag for proof.
** though I will hasten to point out, while abrupt, this was not mocking or negative—whatever the commenter WAS doing (I couldn't see over there), Maggie's response broke the ice in a GOOD way. I promise.

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