Wednesday, August 17, 2011

RTW: Inspired Spaces

Let's not even talk about the month+ I've been away. Let's not even talk about it.

Road Trip Wednesday! Let's talk about that. In an effort to be THE MOST BROAD EVER, this week's prompt is What is the most inspiring setting you've ever visited in real life?

Broad is good. I can do broad.

However. I am from Wyoming. I mean, talk about inspiring settings:
I'm EXUDING inspired here, just EXUDING.

I mean, we only boarded our horses here because it was convenient…nevermind the view.
Yeah, we have a mountain, too.
And horizons for days.

That's Devil's Gate. I live near it. No biggie.

So I do feel a bit biased. And to be honest, it is THAT setting—open spaces, big sky, epic wild epicness—that really has inspired the majority of my writing.

That said, Swiss Day in the Alps was a thing of legend:
Sunset hike up the opposite side of the valley…

TIIIIINY bonfires burning on distant ridges. JUST LIKE THE BEACON FIRES IN ROHAN.
Because the moon didn't think things were dramatic enough…
…and if THAT doesn't show up sometime, in SOMETHING I write, I'll probably have to wear a big old FAIL sign around my neck. Because, I mean. Look at that.
What do you know? I'm feeling inspired ALREADY.

Alright, WIP. Let's get cracking.

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